Of [Emily's] funeral, Seymour B. Young Sr. recorded that Joseph F. Smith spoke. "He said that in 1832 the Prophet Joseph Smith received revelation on Plural Marriage and the Lord showed unto him several young girls, who were in the future to be his plural wives, and Aunt Emily Partridge was one of them. In Nauvoo she with others whom the Lord designated were for him, were sealed to him and that Pres. Brigham Young had acted the noble part of a brother to Joseph, taking his widows of this new and everlasting covenant of plural marriage, and making homes for them, providing for their days, being a husband to and raising children, many of them Brigham Young had acted the noble part for the family of the Prophet Joseph Smith."

(Copied by Emily Young Knepp from his Diary. Letter and journal entry recopied by Ben Parkinson 1984)