No Reason Why
Emily D. P. Young

I see no reason why, man should be a king, and woman a serf. I see no reason why man should have ease and comfort and woman toil in sorrow and pain. I see no reason why, man should be great and honored while womans position is one of ignominy. I see no reason why, man should rise in the scale of inteligence and possess knowledg and power, while woman is ridiculed for aspiring to the same. I see no reason why, sex should cause any distinction to be made whatever, in genuine worth; or that one inteligent being should be curtailed in privileges and blessings merely because she is a woman.

One writer has said, “The soul has no sex” be that as it may, we know that real worth and true merit has no sex. And I see no reason why, woman should be deprived of any privilege that tends to happiness. I see no reason why, one sex should be considered noble, and the other ignoble.

Is not one as good and powerful as the other in a separate condition, but when united are not both improved. If womans emancipation, meant mans degridation, I would say, let woman remain as she is. But I see no reason why, womans happiness need interfere with mans; there is room enough in world, or out of it, and happiness, enough for both.

Emily D. P. Young Smith

Salt Lake City
July 12th 1880