Written to a friend telling her about the dedication of the Manti Temple May 27, 1888


ď . . . Emily, Carlos, and Len Hardy went to Manti to attend the services of the dedication of the Temple, they enjoyed it very much.They saw and heard things that they never saw or heard before.Len and Carlos heard singing that was not mortal.Len said it sounded to him as though it was on the top of the Temple.He heard the different parts sung by male and female voices, also words but not distinct enough to know what they meant.Len also saw the light around some of the speakerís heads, John W. Taylor and F.M. Lyman more particular.Emily saw a very plain white light around John W. Taylorís head while he was speaking, and sometimes he was so enveloped in it that she could hardly distinguish his features.She also saw a white light take the form of a large man; the head, neck and shoulders were visible above the stand, the right arm east raised, she thought it might be her father (Brigham young) as she thought it resembled his form, but she saw no features.Brother Taylor was filled with the spirit and spoke with great power, and her whole system was thrilled with a peculiar sensation; she saw the same light, but not so strong around the heads of F.M. Lyman, and John Henry Smith and most of the twelve that spoke but not all, she did not see it with Brother D.H. Wells nor J.. Grant.She also saw this light move about, sometimes it was in the back of the stand, and sometimes in the end.She thought at first she would not speak of it.But there were so many others that testified to seeing the same thing that she thought she could not have been deceived.


Carl was called upon to speak and some said they saw the light the brightest around his head than any others.


Perhaps some of the Bluff folks were there; if so, what manifestations did they witness?I did not go for reasons that could not be helped.Our folks said it was rather a hard trip, but they felt well paid . . .Ē