Fragments of Thought
by Emily D. P. Young

      The days they come; and the days they go
And time waits neither for you or me,
      And when our allotment of days are spent
Oh! where and what will our destiny be?

      We sometime brood over mysteries deep
And lose ourselves in a misty cloud
      And think we hear a whisper faint
So faint that it seems but the shadow of hope

      Cheering our souls and urging us on
To the life that awaits us in some Great Beyond.
      Still we linger and often pray
That God will spare us for many a day.

      But the years roll on like the waves of the sea
Bearing us onward to some happier clime
      To dwell with our God in His heavenly home
Oh! that is what will—Our destiny be—

March 6th 1899


      We must not falter or go astray
But serve the Lord, both night and day
      That He will guide us safely through
To home and friends and life anew.

March 22 - 1899