Emily born in Ohio to wealthy family.

When six,  baptized by PP Pratt; father baptized by Prophet.

Her father went to Jackson County, Mo. with Prophet.

Emily sold property at sacrifice, took children and left for Mo.

Sailed down the Ohio, cheated out of money.

Sailed up the Missouri from Cincinnati, robbed of chest.

Ice forced them to land–stayed in 2 room cabin with Negro family.

After 2 weeks, finished journey in wagon (15 people).


Emily never complained–rejoiced that she was worthy to endure tribulation for Gospel’s sake.


In Independence, lived in one room.

In the Winter, a widow and her four children moved in.

In the Spring, built a cabin with a cellar, one room on main, one room upstairs.

Mobs–violence–children terrified.

Father imprisoned several times.

Father tarred and feathered (Emily was 9).

Father died when Emily was 16.

Emily married Joseph Smith when 19.

After he died, she married Brigham Young.

Endured many hardships crossing plains, having a baby, no wagon, no food.