Verses composed by Edward Partridge


Come, let us all unite and sing

††††††††††† before we bow in prayer

And praise the Lord, our heavenly King

††††††††††† and thus our hearts prepare.

Oh may our minds be drawn away

††††††††††† From worldly cares just now

That we may worship thee, our God,

††††††††††† While at thy feet we bow.


Weíll pay our morning sacrifice

††††††††††† To Thee in Jesusí name

For Mercies shown the night thatís past

††††††††††† And thank Thee for the same.

Now while we worship at thy feet

††††††††††† And praise Thee for the past.

We ask the Lord to bless us still

††††††††††† From oldest to the least.


Oh, let thy blessings shower around

††††††††††† By day and also night

Not only us but all thy saints

††††††††††† Who in thy law delight.

Oh may out days be lengthened out

††††††††††† As long as we desire

Then we, Elijah like, arise

††††††††††† In chariots of fire.






I will now express some of my feelings to you and the children in the following lines.E. P.


This word to one and all I say

Youíre near me, though youíre far away

And notwithstanding this the case

Erelong I hope to see your face

And once more take you by the hand

And also others in that land.

I also hope with you to stand

Upon the consecrated land

Where long I hope that we may dwell

In peace and plenty, so farewell

Until you hear from me again

Your loving husband I remain

And also loving father, too,

And this I bid you all adieu.




Let Zion in Her Beauty Rise

Hymns (1985), 41

(Included in the first LDS hymbook, 1835)


Let Zion in her beauty rise;

Her light begins to shine.

Ere long her King will rend the skies,

Majestic and divine,

The gospel spreading thru the land,

A people to prepare

To meet the Lord and Enochís band,

Triumphant in the air.


Ye heralds, sound the golden trump

To earthís remotest bond.

Go spread the news from pole to pole

††††††††††† In all the nations round:

That Jesus in the clouds above,

††††††††††† With hosts of angels too,

Will soon appear, his Saints to save,

††††††††††† His enemies subdue.


That glorious rest will then commence

††††††††††† Which prophets did foretell,

When Saints will reign with Christ on earth,

††††††††††† And in his presence dwell

A thousand years, oh, glorious day!

††††††††††† Dear Lord, prepare my heart

To stand with thee on Zionís mount

††††††††††† And nevermore to part.