O, Lord, look down in mercy upon thy people, who are afflicted and oppressed.


How long, O, Lord, wilt thou suffer the enemy to oppress thy saints.  Destruction hath come upon us, like a whirlwind, in the which thou hast verified thy word; for thou didst forewarn us that it should come, and behold thy word is fulfilled.  The enemy came upon us, to drive us from the state of Missouri, or exterminate us; but thou, O, Lord, didst stay their hands from killing us, though numbers were massacred.  And thou didst send forth uncommon severe frost and snow, and by that means save us, as a people, from being driven out at the time appointed.  But thou didst suffer the enemy unlawfully to take thy servant (Edward Partridge) together with scores of others who drove us like dumb asses from our homes in a cold, dreary and melancholy time.


We were confined in a large open room where the cold northern blast penetrated freely.  Our fires were small, and our allowance for wood, and for food scanty; they gave us not even a blanket to lie upon; our beds were the cold floor; there thou didst suffer the wicked to tyrannize over us, yea, the vilest of the vile did guard us and treat us like dogs; yet we bore our oppressions without murmurings; but our souls were vexed both night and day with their filthy conversation for they constantly blasphemed thy Holy name.


How long, O, Lord, wilt thou suffer them to blaspheme thy name.  Wilt thou not soon cut them off and consign them their portion among hypocrites and unbelievers?  In the midst of our oppressions we did call upon thy name, O, Lord, and thou didst hear us, and deliver us in some degree from the hand of oppression.  Yet the enemy doth still threaten us and would fain destroy us from the face of the earth, but we are in thy hands, O, Lord, and we know that the enemy can go no farther in oppressing us. . . than thou dost permit.  O, Lord, deliver thou us from our oppressors.  Send thy judgements and destroy those who are not willing to let thy saints have a resting place upon this thy footstool.  Save thy people, O, Lord, save thy people from oppression and bondage, yea, redeem thy Zion in thine own time, redeem it.  How long, O, Lord, shall the enemy be permitted to wear out thy saints.


Hasten, O, hasten the day when the ancient of days shall sit; and power be given thy saints to take and possess the Kingdom even forever and ever, Amen.


Edward Partridge