Jan. 21st , 1836, Kirtland, Ohio


The Presidency, with Bishop Whitney and his council, myself and my counselors, met for the purpose of being anointed with Holy oil.  Meeting was opened by Pres. Joseph Smith, Jr., in behalf of the Presidency, Bishop Whitney, in behalf of himself and counselors, and myself in behalf of myself and counselors.  Then the Presidency proceeded to sanctify the oil.  Bro. J. Smith, Jr., first anointed his father, pronouncing blessings upon him, then all the presidents, beginning at the oldest, rubbed their hands over his head and face which had been anointed.  Then Bro. Joseph prayed to the Lord to accept of the anointing, and all the Presidents with right hand uplifted to heaven said, “Amen.”  Father Smith then proceeded to take the lead and pour on the oil.  Then Bro. Joseph followed, and then in rotation as before described prophesying on one another’s heads.  After the Presidents, Bishop Whitney and his council were anointed after the same manner.  Then myself and my council.  Then Bro. Parrish as scribe for the Presidency.  After this Hyrum Smith anointed Father John Smith who anointed the rest of the high council of Kirtland.  Bro. David Whitmore anointed Bro. Simeon Carter who anointed the High Council from Zion.  Hymns were sung and a number saw visions, and others were blessed with the outpouring of the Holy Ghost, and we shouted Hosannah to the most High.  The meeting was dismissed by Bro. Joseph Smith, Jr., conferring the benedictions of Heaven upon us.


22nd – The forenoon was taken up in telling the visions of the preceding evening.  We met in the evening for the purpose of anointing the traveling High Council, and the seven Presidents of the Seventy.  The Presidents of the church first consecrated the oil, they then proceeded to anoint Bro. Thomas B. Marsh as the oldest of the Twelve.  Bro. Marsh then proceeded to anoint the Twelve, after which he anointed the Presidents of the Seventies.


The Presidents of the Church anointed Bro. Carlos Smith as President of the High Priests in Kirtland.  Pres. Joseph Smith, Jr., requested Pres. Sidney Rigdon to ask the Lord to accept the performances of the evening, and instructed us, when he was done, to shout Hosannah, Blessed be the name of the most High God.  These things were performed.  The shouts and speaking in unknown tongues lasted ten or fifteen minutes.  During the evening, more especially at the time of shouting, a number saw visions as they declared unto us.