Edward Partridge was born at Pittsfield, Berkshire Co., Mass., Aug. 27th, 1793 and received the following Patriarchal blessing under the hands of Joseph Smith, the evangelist, at Kirtland, Ohio, May 4th, 1835.


“Brother Partridge, let thy heart sink down in humility; give thyself up into the hands of thy God and be willing to receive the blessings that he is willing to bestow upon thee.


I lay my hands upon thy head and confer a patriarchal blessing because thou hast no father that can bestow it upon thee.  I confirm upon thee the same blessings which were confirmed upon Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph and his posterity; and they shall rest upon thee and thy children after thee, unto the latest generations for thou art a chosen man of God, who did look upon Thee before the foundation of the world, and has set thee apart to do good in His cause.  Thou art of the seed of Abraham through the line (loins) of Joseph and the tribe of Ephraim.   The Lord will bless thee with the ministering of Angels because of the integrity of thy heart, and thy willingness to obey his commandments.  Thou art one of the house of Joseph that are to push the people to gather from the ends of the earth, and thy name shall be sealed among the sanctified.  The Lord will preserve thy life till a good old age.  And thou shalt also live to see the heavens opened, for thou hast desired this thing, and shalt see the Son of Man in the flesh. Thy heart shall be enlarged from this very hour.  Thou shalt have great wisdom to execute thy mission and calling.  Thou shalt perform great miracles, and shall have faith even like unto the brother of Jared.  Thy wife shall be blessed also and receive the desire of her heart.  She shall have night visions and thereby know of thy welfare in thy absence.  Thy family shall be preserved in health and thou shalt return to them to enjoy their society after thou hast performed thy mission.  Thy tongue shall soon be loosed and thou shall have great power to speak beyond anything of which thou hast thought.  Thy name is written in heaven and will not be blotted out except for wilful transgression.


Thou shalt live to see the redemption of Zion and rejoice upon the goodly land; thou shalt inherit it and thy seed after thee to the latest generation while the earth remains.  Thou shalt stand in thy office until thou art weary of it and shall desire to resign it that thou mayest rest for a little season.  I seal upon thee these blessings in the name of Jesus Christ.  Amen.


And thou shalt be instrumental in saving, and some of thy friends shall be given thee if thou art faithful.